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Even when I get the DVD eventually to eject, it seems to affect normal start-up because for a while after each episode of DVD hassles the computer won't boot. It gets part way and stops. Sometimes it stops at the white screen, sometimes it stops at the blue screen. I keep on unplugging and restarting until it works.

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It doesn't just appear to stop while it does something in the background. I've left it undisturbed for over half an hour on the white or blue screen and it's still stuck when I get back. I've spoken twice to Apple about this but they don't appear to recognise the fault. Strange given that it is exactly what other people report.

It worked for me too. It's bothering. Shake seems to work. Just adding confirmation to the "shake your mini" solution. The "shake your mac mini" solution worked for me as well. They sure have a huge failure rate. Using OS X. Thank you! Giving it a shake was the only thing that worked for me too. It's funny how physical abuse to a machine, though stereotypical and overused, is still a viable solution. Yep just worked for me too - drive had vanished with no sign of life - shake , rattle and roll and hey presto all back to normal.

A dvd was stuck in the superdrive of my 27" iMac and I tried everything from the rebooting method to terminal commands to sticking a credit card in the drive and shaking the machine was the only thing that worked!

Cd/dvd Drive Not Working! | Mac Support

It doesn't seem to like DVD's anymore so obviously the drive is failing and I need to take it in but at least I have my disc back now! Thanks guys. Disc won't show up or eject from new mac By boogiejuice in forum Switcher Hangout. Mac mini won't eject disc help By bprice1 in forum Apple Desktops. My Mac mini simply refuses to read discs, either by internal as well as external drive by! Yosemite's fault? Does anyone have a solution or something that could help me find a way to understand and solve this problem? This is the cheaper one, and has flimsy CD tray, but works. Everyone's solution seems to "clean the stupid dvd tray" or "buy another external stupid drive".

Mac mini DVD drive cleanup

The realitiy is that it is a problem with the OS updates. How would you explain that the drive works fine in bootcamp on the Windows side and it doesn't on the Mac side? Pretty annoying and Apple support is null. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

I am on an Mac Pro using I thought maybe the drive had gone bad, so I installed another drive that I had taken out of a G5 Mac and I still have the same problem. I have tried resetting the PRam 3 times in a row , using DiskUtility to fix permissions and neither has helped. It just says "The disc you inserted is not readable by this computer.

Cd/dvd Drive Not Working!

Can anyone figure this one out? Hello, Some problem as almost everyone else. I have a MacbookPro that is about 2. Here are some quick system profile stats: I'm not sure what the stats for the optical drive are. So I've gathered from reading several forums that this isn't that uncommon for Macs, however, one thing that is slightly different about my condition from everyone else's is that CD's work fine for me I can read and burn them , but DVD's don't work at all.

It just hums inside for a little while and then it spits is out. I remember noticing this first time maybe weeks ago.

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I've tried resetting PRam. I've tried fixing permissions. I've tested the DVD drive in a new user account. I haven't had any new firmware updates. I've tried "Running fsck in single user mode". I ran Onyx a week ago and it said that there were some files that needs correcting, but I just ran it again and it verifies my S. Status of Structure of Volume.

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However, the is difficult when your drive doesn't read a DVD. Here is an article that addresses how to reinstall the OS with a different computer: Macbook Pro I once tried to install Leopard from my mom's disc but it was blocked because it was for a Macbook Is it possible that a disc drive has two components: If that is possible than it seems that one overheated and it fried.

But if it is all one component, then it has to be software related right? CD's work perfect, DVD don't do a damn thing. Chiarascuro Registered Sep 22, Hi, I haven't tried reinstalling the system.

Help! Mac mini (2010) won't accept disc

I have the same problem as yours except my drive seems fine with single layer dvds and cds. The problem is with dual layer discs. I can run the I may try swapping out my boot drive with an older backup to see if that helps the drive work. I know its not my drive. I have the same problem with that drive. I also bought an inexpensive external drive to use on this mac and had the exact same problem. I tried the external drive on my bride's macbook pro 15 and it works with no problem, so I know that drive works.

Can't figure it out and am near exhaustion trying to figure it out.